HTL is a biotechnology company, leading the way in the design, development and production of pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid (Hyaluronan) and other functional biopolymers.

  • We produce innovative biopolymers by fermentation
  • We provide solutions for premium medical products
  • We serve the pharmaceutical and medical device industries worldwide, enabling them to improve lives of patients

Our unsurpassed commitment to client partnership has been consistently proven in the marketplace. We are recognized for supplying the highest quality products and continually investing in driving and supporting market growth. For over 25 years, our cutting-edge R&D has empowered us to develop unique value-driven solutions to meet the innovation needs of our clients.

Our clients create pharmaceutical products and medical devices for: Dermatology - Ophthalmology - Rheumatology - Urology - Oncology - Regenerative medicine - Biomaterials